Nepal Telecom Lockdown Offers

nepal telecom

Nepal Telecom provide offers in recharge,voice and data in this lock-down due to COVID-19.

You can get 100% Bonus on recharge valid for 3 days and recharge bonus offer valid up-to Chaitra 19.
You can check bonus balance dial *1415*55#

telecom recharge bonus offers

NTC also come up with Voice offers in this high time, You can get 60 minutes voice at just Rs 25 ; 40 min + 20 min ( 50% Bonus ) which is valid for 1 day.If you need large voice pack you an get it at just Rs 100 for 285 minutes voice ; 190 min + 95 min ( 50% Bonus ) Valid for 7 days .

The Validation period is from 2 April to 8 April.

ntc voice offers

Telecom also give offer on data, you can get 4 GB data at just Rs. 100 having 1 GB + 3 GB ( 4G Bonus ) Valid For 5 days. If you need more data then you get 10 GB Data with 2 GB + 8 GB ( 4G Bonus ) Valid for 7 days. For data subscription dial *1415*10#

nepal telecom offers

Get 80% off on Ncell mobile data PayG

Get 80% off on ncell mobile data

Ncell and leading private telecommunication in Nepal come up with new offers in mobile data called PayG. PayG is refer to Pay As You Go means using data in normal data rate as per traffic.You will get bonus on each according to you spend in data. If you use Rs 2 then you will data … Read more Get 80% off on Ncell mobile data PayG

Best Online Shopping Sites In Nepal

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