Dancing With The Stars Nepal

Dancing with the Stars Coming Soon On Himalaya TV

Worlds No. 1 Dancing Reality show ” Dancing With The Stars ” Now aired in Nepal called ” Dancing with the Stars Nepal ” on Himalaya TV from Falgun ( February/March ). In Many countries this show is aired which is produce by BBC Studios.This shows got number one rating on America and Australia.

According to director of this shows Laxman Paudyal who already directed Nepal Idol and The Voice Of Nepal successfully said “In this show stars not only from entertainment field but also from business,actor,journalist and others are participate of this show.”

There will only 24 participate among them 12 of them are stars and 12 are their choreographer it’s means each stars get each choreographer.
According to director there will be 26 to 30 episode.All rights of this shows only have Himalaya TV and This Shows Will Produce and management by The Voice Of Nepal Team.

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